2021 Honda Insight Owners Manual - Light Switches

Light Switches

Manual Operation

Rotating the light switch turns the lights on and off, regardless of the power mode setting

■ High beams
Push the lever forward until you hear a click.

■ Low beams
When in high beams, pull the lever back to return to low beams.

■ Flashing the high beams
Pull the lever back, and release it.

If you leave the power mode in VEHICLE OFF (LOCK) while the lights are on, a chime sounds when the driver’s door is opened.

When the lights are on, the lights on indicator in the instrument panel will be on.

Do not leave the lights on when the power system is off because it will cause the 12-volt battery to discharge.

If you sense that the level of the headlights is abnormal, have the vehicle inspected by a dealer.

Automatic Operation (automatic lighting control)

Automatic lighting control can be used when the power mode is in ON.

When the light switch is in AUTO, the headlights and other exterior lights will switch on and off automatically depending on the ambient brightness.

The headlights come on when you unlock a door in dark areas with the headlight switch in AUTO.

  • Once you lock the door, the headlights will go off.

We recommend that you turn on the lights manually when driving at night, in a dense fog, or in dark areas such as long tunnels or parking facilities.

The light sensor is in the location shown below. Do not cover this light sensor with anything; otherwise, the automatic lighting system may not work properly.

You can adjust the auto light sensitivity as follows:

Headlight Integration with Wipers

The headlights automatically come on when the wipers are used several times within a certain number of intervals with the headlight switch in AUTO.
The headlights automatically go off a few minutes later if the wipers are stopped.

This feature activates while the headlights are off in AUTO.

The instrument panel brightness does not change when the headlights come on.

At dark ambient light levels, the automatic lighting control feature turns on the headlights, regardless of the number of wiper sweeps.

Automatic Lighting Off Feature

The headlights, all other exterior lights, and the instrument panel lights turn off 15 seconds after you set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK), take the remote with you, and close the driver’s door.

If you set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK) with the headlight switch on, but do not open the door, the lights turn off after 10 minutes (3 minutes, if the switch is in the AUTO position).

The lights turn on again when you unlock or open the driver’s door. If you unlock the door, but do not open it within 15 seconds, the lights go off. If you open the driver’s door, you will hear a reminder chime alerting you that the lights are on.

You can change the headlight auto off timer setting.

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